Descendants of William Rea


170. Nancy Burns

Nancy and her husband Samuel owned the Franklin Mills, a manufacturer of woolen goods in Fayetteville, Pennsylvania.

278. Jeremy Burns White

Jeremy attended Fayetteville Academy and Westminster College. In the Civil War, he served in Company D, 21st Pennsylvania Cavalry. He enlisted in 1863. He was a manufacturer of woolen goods and succeeded his father in the ownership of the Franklin Mills. Jeremy represented Franklin County in the Pennsylvania General Assembly (1885-86) and was a member of the staff of the State Library for many years.

173. Robert A. Reid

Biography in Baskin's "History of Logan County and Ohio", page 829: "ROBERT A. REID, farmer ; P. O., Huntsville; ; was born Nov. 1, 1838, in Clarke Co.; his father, Robert Reid, was born in Greenbrier Co., Va., in 1791, and was of Irish descent; his parents came here a short time before his birth. In 1801, the family which then consisted of mother and eight children, moved to this State and secured a quarter section of Government land in Clarke Co., which was cleared and improved by the united labor of the sons. Robert, Sr., served in the war of 1812, and was soon after married to Miss Snodgrass. He bought a tract of new land and commenced carving out a fortune for himself and family, but death robbed him of his companion, and a few years later of his only daughter, Sarah Jane, who had then reached maturity. He afterwards was united to Louisa Rea, who was born in that county in 1809. In 1853 he moved to this county and bought 480 acres of land near Lewistown, a part of the section given to James McPherson by the Government, according to their treaty with the Indians who wished to reward him for serving them ; he lived on the farm until the spring of 1865, when he moved to where the sons now live, having acquired all his property by his own exertions and wishing to retire from active labor. He died July 15, the same year, and his faithful wife some five years later. They reared four sons-William J., John T., Robert A., and Joseph G.; all but John were in Company B, 88th, O. V. I., and served nearly three years ; the eldest son died in 1867, and the other sons are conducting the farm jointly. Robert was married June 1, 1876, to Josephine Ditzler, daughter of one of Huntsville's most respected physicians ; she was born April 18, 1850, and has borne two children-Rea D., and Ivo. Politically the family have always been Democratic, although they supported Lincoln during the war."