Descendants of William Rea


137. Alexander McLeod Agnew

Never married.

139. Margaret Rea Agnew

Died in childhood.

140. William Renwick Agnew

Died in childhood.

153. Sarah Elizabeth Thomson

Sarah and John had no children.

158. Mary A. Thomson

Never married.

Daniel Stuart McGowan

Daniel was a practicing physician in Chambersburg and Everett, Pennsylvania.

160. Hannah Thomson McGowan

Never married.

163. Ann McGowan

Never married.

169. John Francis Bourne (Burns)

Never married. John was the only member of the Burns family who retained the original Scots spelling of the surname. He studied medicine with Dr. Jeremiah Sensney of Chambersburg and proved himself a skilful physician during the cholera epidemic in that city in 1852. He was also a poet of considerable talent.